We reduce your security and privacy risk.

Offering in-depth knowledge and expertise in analysis of data security risk, our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Our experience working with local businesses, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies enables us to help organizations of all sizes better perceive risk in all its forms and take the necessary steps to mitigate it.

We have assisted organizations in developing and implementing solutions to manage personally identifiable information (PII). This includes making sure proper procedures are in place to enable your marketing people to do their job, while ensuring compliance with local data protection agencies, such as the CNIL in France.

It is our belief that well trained security conscious staff creates a positive environment where people feel empowered in their mission to contribute to an organization's policy of maintaining its IT systems and private data safe. We can raise your employees' security awareness by evaluating the current environment and proposing measures that are aimed at making employees aware of the role they play in keeping assets safe.

We reduce your security and privacy risk by:

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