Protect Assets

Design security measures to protect your data.

We ensure the availability of your information

The ever increasing complexity of modern day systems required by organizations in need of round-the-clock access to sensitive business information and confidential data needs special attention. Often a mix of cloud based architectures with a variety of clients including mobile devices, it is imperative to thoroughly analyze risk and adopt a comprehensive solution to safeguard valuable assets against evolving threats to the data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Setting up a comprehensive security solution
Layered security, also known as layered defense, describes the practice of combining multiple security controls to protect resources and data. Using multiple layers together, and combining them in a coordinated effort, can greatly reduce most risks of accidental loss or cyberattacks. In the case of new, more sophisticated malware, a solution based on multiple layers of security (defensive tools combined with both online and offline backups) should be capable of slowing the attack down while enabling network monitors to detect the attack and raise the alarm before serious damage is done. If data is lost, systems can be restored quickly and with practically no downtime.

Steps in conceiving an effective prevention program include:

  • Identify risk — Carry out a risk assessment
  • Define security and privacy policies — Define objectives for both security and privacy needs
  • Customize training and awareness programs — Identify and adapt training for staff
  • Keep information systems current and up to date — Audit information systems and define update procedures
  • Install preventive controls — Install firewalls, endpoint security and activity monitors

We help you avoid a crisis

Organizations of all sizes need to determine their key information assets, identify where vulnerabilities lie and design security procedures that will protect them from accidental loss or cyberattack. Putting in place a comprehensive plan is what sets apart an entity which recovers from an incident or cyberattack from one which will fail.

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