Ensure Continuity

Developing procedures to mitigate potential incidents.

We increase your resilience to future threats

Large organizations are not the only ones that can be affected by unexpected disruptions. Small companies face similar threats too; in fact, most smaller businesses would not survive a major disruption without a proven continuity plan. Believing that ‘It won’t happen to us’ is unwise, no matter the size of your organization. The capability to respond effectively is critical. Preparing a business continuity plan can at least provide reassurance to you — and your customers — that in the event of a disaster, your essential business operations will continue.

It’s about the business, not the technology
A disaster recovery plan should take into account the complete spectrum of “potential interrupters” to your business, and it should spell out a recovery plan for each scenario. Not all scenarios are equally likely to occur, and it is key to assess which potential disruptors are most probable, as well as to allocate resources to preparing for the most likely incidents. A common mistake when preparing a plan is to put too much focus on technology and not enough on people and process. Identifying by name the critical people charged with responding to a crisis is crucial. Identifying people and process will help to understand the business’s priorities. Then, it will be a simple process of identifying which elements of the IT environment support these business priorities.

We help you prepare against malware or a security breach

We can identify the potential threats you face, and help you evaluate their business impact. Once a clear picture is established of the risk you face as the victim of malware or a security breach, recovery plans can be put in place to efficiently and effectively deal with the disruption. Evaluating the business impact is key; how can you assign budget without knowing the cost of downtime if an incident disrupts your business?

The importance of testing your business continuity plan
Testing a plan is the only way to truly know it will work. We will rigorously test a plan to know if it’s complete and if it fulfills its intended purpose. A real incident may be a truer test and the best way to know if the plan works. However, a controlled testing strategy is much more comfortable and provides an opportunity to identify gaps and improve procedures. It is important to ensure the objectives are measurable, with the key objective being to assure that essential operations can continue with the least amount of downtime. Doing the minimum and ‘getting away with it’ leads to a weak plan and no confidence in the face of a real incident. We’ll ensure you’re prepared and confident.

Don’t wait

The biggest mistake organizations of all sizes make is waiting until after a disaster or cyberattack to figure out what to do next. It is unfortunate since, generally, an organization will not fail simply because of a data breach. It will collapse due to the failure to properly respond to the breach, the result of not having a crisis plan in place. It’s important to not only build better defenses, but also better responses.

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