Training Staff

Prepare staff to identify risk and to respond professionally.

Make people part of the solution

With so many security threats on the horizon, organizations can minimize risk with a security awareness program offering employees the knowledge they need to better protect information systems through proactive, security-conscious behavior. To successfully protect information assets, employees at every level — from the top down — need a basic understanding of security policies, as well as their respective responsibilities in protecting information.

To be effective, a security-awareness program must be ongoing and include continuous training, communication and reinforcement. It must focus on the positives not the negatives. A one-time presentation is not sufficient to address the ever-evolving threats to the security landscape. The key messages, tone and approach must be relevant to the audience and consistent with the values and goals of the organization. Equally important, an awareness program must influence behavior changes that deliver measurable benefits.

Assessing employee security awareness
One of the most overlooked yet significant steps in creating an effective employee security-awareness program is assessing existing security practices and employees’ level of security awareness. We evaluate your current environment and determine if there are any security-awareness problems or particular needs to address.

Answering these key questions will help provide a useful assessment:

  • Is there a security policy that is enforced across the entire organization?
  • Do employees know the security policy?
  • What are the practices and technologies in place that can help detect a security breach?
  • Do employees know what to do if they suspect a security violation?

Answering these questions will help organizations define objectives and goals of a security-awareness program. The objectives should align with the overall goals of the organization. Current security practices should be used as a benchmark to determine if training is helping to achieve the objectives and goals that have been set. This makes it possible to set clear, measurable objectives which empower people to make a difference.

We prepare employees to identify possible threats and respond professionally

We raise your employees’ security awareness by evaluating the current environment and proposing measures that are aimed at making employees aware of the role they play in keeping assets safe.

We do this by:

  • Conducting employee security-awareness evaluations based on their roles and responsibilities
  • Designing specific security-awareness programs based on individual responsibilities
  • Implementing programs with training, and maintaining ongoing feedback to reinforce best practices
  • Empowering people with self-efficacy

With the right training, employees can become an organization’s strongest security asset.

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