Compliance Services

Manage personal data programs and mitigate potential incidents.

Safeguarding Trust

We offer our expertise to organizations who want to grow their business while benefiting from made-to-measure privacy management services which optimizes return on investment. This ensures personal data is used in compliance with regulations, customers personal data is processed with respect, personal data requests are treated promptly, and potential incidents will be dealt with in an effective way.

Increase your Resilience

Recovering trust is more costly than protecting private data. Preparing for possible privacy incidents provides an opportunity to identify gaps, and develop procedures that improve internal accountability. Doing the minimum and ‘getting away with it’ leads to a weak plan and no confidence in the face of a real incident. We’ll ensure you’re prepared and confident if an incident occurs.

An organization that processes personal data must have appropriate technical and organizational security measures in place. Appropriate means they should ensure a level of security corresponding to the level of risk. Consequently, a key element of any personal data policy is being able, where possible, to prevent a data breach and, where it nevertheless occurs, to react to it in a timely manner. This requires measures to:

  1. Prevent a personal data breach.
  2. Enable detection of a possible data breach.
  3. React in a timely manner to a personal data breach.

Reducing the Risk of an Incident

Organizations need to show they are in control of the data they hold. This includes quickly identifying and reporting any high-risk personal data breach. They should take into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation, as well as the likelihood and severity of an incident involving personal data. Product managers and developers need to be aware of the consequences of a potential breach, to enable them to apply appropriate measures during the conception of any data-driven product.

Develop a Privacy Incident Response Plan

A personal data breach of any size is a crisis management situation which, if mishandled, could put an entire organization at risk. Time is of the essence when a privacy incident has been identified. Many jurisdictions have laws which comply businesses to disclose any personal data breach in a timely manner. Personal data protection is not only an IT issue, it is a business risk, and any breach response should involve people from a number of different areas. Dealing with a data breach may be a first for many employees, it is therefore essential to have an incident response plan in place and to plan for regular incident response exercises. Failure to do so increases the regulatory, litigation and reputation risk to the entire organization.

Don’t Wait

The biggest mistake organizations of all sizes make is waiting until after an incident to figure out what to do next. It is unfortunate since, generally, an organization will not suffer simply because of a data breach. It will expose itself to greater risk by improperly responding to a breach, the result of not having a crisis plan in place. It’s important to not only build better defenses, but also better responses.

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